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Immuno Urban

Immuno Urban

Immuno Urban

Price: 3499

Manufacture: Shree Akhand Ayurvedic Rasayanshala - Established in 1950

  • 100% Pure ayurveda
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Immunity is the body’s defense mechanism that protects and treats. It works with the help of cells, glands, and antibodies. When this system is down, body is prone to suffer from illnesses and diseases. Immuno Urban is an ayurvedic immunity booster supplement that boosts the immune system and protect body from ever invading infectious agents and flush out existing infections and harmful agents. Immuno Urban also maintains and improves body’s regenerative powers. Body suffers regular wear and tear of tissues and needs faster recovery by healing wounds and injuries, powerful immune system helps in recovering faster and maintaining body trouble-free by replacing worn and torn tissues with new ones rapidly. Immuno Urban promotes the growth of antibodies to fight against infectious agents and also maintain healthy number of white blood cells in the blood for the faster response of immune system all over the body.